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2007 - News Archive

Summary Expert Meeting Afghanistan

27 December 2007

On the 21st of December 2007, the Centre for International Heritage Activities organized an international expert meeting concerning the renovation and rehabilitation of the National Museum in Kabul. A summary of this meeting is now available online. Go to the summary

Expert meeting Afghanistan

18 December 2007

On the 21st of December 2007, the Centre for International Heritage Activities organized an expert meeting on the restoration and refurbishing of the National Museum in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Center is working on a large project -funded by the Dutch government- in Kabul and the project will enter a new phase. A recent visit to Kabul resulted in new -international- initiatives for the National Museum. The expert meeting will take place in The Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. 

For more information, please contact Alexandra van Dijk- van der Moolen at

Presentation of the Avondster-Project Publications

20 November 2007

On November 28th 2007 the the Excavation Report & the Artefact Catalogue of the VOC-ship Avondster(1659) will be presented to Mrs. Pamela J. Deen, the Ambassador of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,  and Mr. Jan C. Henneman, Netherlands’ Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation. Learn more about the Avondster-Project

Ancods website
Just released: the new Ancods website.
ANCODS stands for the Australian Netherlands Committee on Old Dutch Shipwrecks and was set up in 1972 following a bilateral agreement between the Australian and Netherlands governments regarding the wrecks of Dutch East India Company (VOC) ships off the coast of Western Australia. Learn more about ANCODS and visit the ANCODS website.

Stanley Sidoel at CIE Heritage Day Suriname
The Director General for Culture in Suriname, Mr. Stanley Sidoel, was present on the Suriname Heritage Day organised by the CIE, which was held at the National Archives in The Hague.
He gave a presentation about the heritage policies in Suriname and the possibilities of working together with the Netherlands, wherein he suggested certain concrete aims. One of these is the rehabilitation of the open-air museum, New Amsterdam, in a joint venture with the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. A second one is the nomination of the former Jewish community 'Jodensavanne' and the Cassipora graveyard to be placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Besides these, efforts are being made to place the unique frescos (petroglyphen) near the island town of Kwamalasemutu, on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The last aim is the preservation of the World Heritage site in the historical part of Paramaribo.
Mr. Sidoel also talked about certain problems concerning heritage policies, such as the lacking of a restoration fund, the lacking of a maintenance plan for monumental buildings and the need for setting up a restoration training.

Culture & Development dinner
7 September 2007
The Centre for International Heritage Activities held a ‘Diner Pensant’ on September the 5th. This dinner was about the future of Culture & Development and in the context of the signing of the ‘Schokland agreement’ between seventeen Dutch cultural institutions and the Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation. The main theme was the position of cultural heritage in development work. Guests from all different sectors (museum, administration, development funds, science and commerce) contributed to a fruitful discussion and a successful evening.
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2008 - News Archive

‘Expert meeting: a shared history – a shared past: monument care in development on the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba’

11 December 2008

On 9th December 2008 the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) organized in cooperation with the National Restoration Fund (NRF) an expert meeting concerning monument care, public housing and spatial planning on the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Read more.

Day-report CIE Heritage Day Sri Lanka

28 November 2008

On Thursday the 27th of November 2008 the Centre for International Heritage Activities organised a CIE Heritage Day on Sri Lanka, which took place at the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. This day was organised to bring the Dutch field of Sri Lanka together to further improve bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and the Netherlands to be able to finish the projects successfully.Read more

Willemstad Curaçao, architecture and urban development: 2 parts documentary series

20 November 2008

This documentary diptych is no `main stream' television programme, but a creative document in which several `layers' in history and in culture are exposed. The films give insight in the urban and architectonic development of Willemstad and the recent revitalisation of the historical town heart that was placed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1997. Filming and assembly will take place in 2009. The documentary will be broadcasted in 2009/ 2010.

The films are used as a core of a broader awareness-raising programme in which both experts, designers, students and a general public participate. The screenings and distribution of the films about Willemstad World Heritage City will increase the international promotion of the historical town. The films also transmit the notion that the monuments and urban structures of Curaçao are part of the Dutch heritage overseas - and therefore part of the monuments of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.Because texts of local poets are processed in the film the production additionally contributes to spreading of the immaterial oral heritage.

For further information please check the presentation.

Alexandra Jansse Producent /director © XELA FILMS

Workshop ‘Shared Heritage Surinam-Netherlands’

17 November 2008

Friday November 14th the workshop ‘Shared Heritage Surinam-Netherlands’, organised by the Directorate Culture Suriname in cooperation with the Centre for International Heritage Activities, took place in Paramaribo. The interesting lectures and project presentations as well as the very active and involved participants made this day a great success. A report of the day will follow soon.

Heritage Day Sri Lanka 27 November

5 November 2008

Invitation for the Heritage Day Sri Lanka organised by the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE), which will take place at the Museum of Ethnology, Steenstraat 1, Leiden. You will find the programme and outlines of the workshops here. More information on the CIE Heritage Days can be found in the partner countries section on this site.

New publication: Dutch colonialism, migration and cultural heritage. Gert Oostindie (ed)

This book, with contributions by a number of Dutch scholars, provides state-of-the-art discussions on these migration histories. It also presents reflections on the ways this past and its repercussions are remembered (or forgotten, or actively silenced) throughout the former colonial empire. Read more

Switi Sranan: Surinam between myth and reality

October 30, 2008

The foundation Institute to Promotote Surinam Studies (Stichting Instituut ter Bevordering van de Surinamistiek (IBS)) organises its annual colloquium on November 8th. This colloquium is aimed at 'myths in and about Suriname'. Different meanings on the conception of 'myth' will form the basis of this colloquium. Read more (dutch)... 


Afghanistan ‘A program for Culture & Development’. The Bagh-e Jehan Nama Palace complex Khulm (former Tashqurghan)

(Update October 2008)

Since May of this year the Centre for International Heritage Activities, partnering with the team of AFIR Architects in Kabul, has been working very intensively towards the startup of the renovational work at the Bagh-e Jehan Nama Palace complex in Khulm, North-Afghanistan.
Local teams have been identified and contracted, a local site office was designed, built and opened and the restoration works have started large scale.
For more information about the progress:


New publication: Elmina. Building on the past to create a better future.
E. Steekelenburg, van (ed.)

Old Dutch slave fortresses in Elmina were restored and alongside the restoration some sustainable developments took place: the set up of a tourist office in Elmina in one of the buildings, plus an employment project in order to keep the buildings well maintained. This meant an increase in tourism, a revival of traditional culture and skills, an increasing demand for local products and thus improved living conditions.
The publication is highly illustrated with beautiful pictures by Nana Kofi Acqua. Published in co-operation with Urban Solutions, Rotterdam with support by the European Commission.
Read more

Publication: Verbannen uit Indië (1936-1945)

Nico Vink was born in 1928 in Soerabaja on Eastern-Java. His first book Verbannen uit Indië (Banished from the Indies) 1936 – 1945, was published by Walburg Pers, in August 2007, Zutphen. It is a personal story about a boy that, in 1936, is send from the Indies to the Netherlands and doesn’t see his mother again until the end of the war in 1945.

Presentation Monument Map Paramaribo

On August 14th the Monument Map of Paramaribo was officially presented at Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo. This map was compiled by the Dutch architect ir. Aimeé de Back, who presented the first copy to de Surinam Minister of Education and National Development Edwin Wolf. Press release (Dutch) 

Monument award 2008 goes to Temminck Groll

The jury of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Monument Award has granted this years’ award to Professor Dr. Ir. C.L. Temminck Groll, who can be considered the Nestor of the Dutch monument preservation. He has a great number of articles and publications to his name, including 'The architecture of Suriname (1667-1930)' and, in cooperation with three other authors his last great publication, in 2003, 'The Dutch Overseas', concerning  the heritage overseas. The award is 50,000 euros and will be presented on November 25th at the Muziekgebouw at ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. Press release

Lecture on the country houses of Curaçao

5 August 2008

On August 15th 2008 the ‘Antillean Network’ organizes a lecture on country houses on Curaçao. During this meeting Marjon Wegman will talk about the architecture, the construction and the history of the country houses on Curaçao. The last couple of years a lot of attention and money went into restoration of these country houses. As a result the buildings are preserved from further decay. These country houses are built in colonial style and are usually former plantation houses. The houses are monuments in the Curacao’s landscape and play an important roll in the history of Curaçao

Location: NH Amsterdam Centre Hotel

Address: Stadhouderskade 7 (near the Leidseplein), 1054 ES Amsterdam

Doors open: 19:00
Start program: 20:00 
Entree: members free, non-members 10 euro p.p.
The amount of available places is limited.
You can register by sending an e-mail to with your surname and your last name. 
For more information:

Afghanistan at the World Archaeological Congress

During the 6th World Archaeological Congress, recently organized in Dublin, many very interesting presentations were being held about ‘War, Ethics and Cultural Heritage Management’. Followed by interesting discussions about the role and interventions of the military in regions as the Near and Middle East. Read more...

Opening Twinning Facillity Suriname - Netherlands

The Netherlands plans to work more closely with Suriname in a variety of areas, including language, culture, education and health care. To this end the Berenschot agency has set up a Surinamese-Dutch twinning facility, known as UTSN. From the first of July till the first of September the counter will be open to submit project proposals for the twinning facillity. Read more...

Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention needs to be implemented

The World Archaeological Congress expresses its appreciation for, and recognition of, the first 17 nations to ratify the UNESCO convention on the protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage (2001) and its Annex. Read more...

Cooperation for the protection of South African Maritime Cultural Heritage

The Netherlands and South Africa have signed an agreement for the preservation and development of maritime cultural heritage in South African waters.

To address development needs and capacity building and to increase awareness about

Underwater Cultural Heritage, the Governments of South Africa and the Netherlands, the South African Heritage Resources Agency, the Centre for International Heritage Activities and Iziko Museums have developed a project outline to focus on geophysical survey, conservation,excavation and education regarding maritime remains. This stimulating international program is expected to increase the development of maritime archaeological infrastructure throughout the southern African region. Read more...

Leiden University honours President Karzai for rebuilding Afghanistan

President Karzai of Afghanistan was honoured with the Willem van Oranje medal by the University of Leiden, last week. He has received the medal for his outstanding activities regarding the rebuilding of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

CIE Heritage Day South Africa; more than a meeting

8 June 2008

On June 5th, 2008, the Center for International heritage Activities organized the third CIE Heritage Day, which took place at the beautiful location of the RACM, (State Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape and Monuments) in Zeist. Click here for a report of the day

Dutch Secretary of State Mr. Timmermans encourages cooperation with Poland
regarding the preservation of Dutch and mutual cultural heritage

The Dutch government has expressed the intention to support the Polish government with the preservation of Dutch and mutual cultural heritage in Poland. This was recently stated by the Dutch Secretary of State, Mr.Timmermans, during a meeting with the Polish minister of Culture, Mr.Zdrojewski. Read the whole article


Curiosity without boundaries

4 April 2008

On March 31th the meeting Grenzeloze Nieuwsgierigheid - naar een werkelijk international cultuurbeleid (Curiosity without boundaries – towards a real international cultural policy) took place in Rotterdam. 

23 Organisations organised this day to create more awareness for an intensification of the International Cultural Policy in the Netherlands and the Culture and Development programme.

The Minister of Development Cooperation, Bert Koenders, received a Manifest of Curiosity from the organisations and participants. The Manifest contains four important recommendations: 

  1. Create more opportunities within the Cultural programmes for projects where culture and development organisations cooperate: a curiosity programme. 
  2. In this programme priority should be given to projects that contribute to local capacity building, the creation of an international network and (long term) cooperation. Mutual Cultural Heritage should be integrated in this policy: a shared past is an important perspective and starting point for exchange.
  3. Stimulate the exchange of expertise between cultural organisations in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, especially in South America, Africa and Asia. Organise and facilitate explorations and research of cultural developments in the world and stimulate the presentation of art and culture from all parts of the world.
  4. Give these projects the attention they deserve through an annual Curiosity award and a strategic cooperation with different media partners.

Click here for the official press release

A report of the day:

KITLV workshop ‘Migration and culture in the Dutch colonial world’, in Cape Town

15 March 2008

From the 24th till the 28th of March the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) and the University of Stellenbosch will organize the workshop ‘Migration and culture in the Dutch colonial world’ (, in Cape Town, South Africa. The workshop will take place at the University of Stellenbosch and will be hosted  by dr. Siegfried Huigen.

This workshop with experts on the field of colonial history and cultural heritage is the second part of the KITLV program 'Migration and culture in the Dutch colonial world'. There will be participants from Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Suriname present.

The CIE will attend this meeting and contribute to the publication ‘Migration and its cultural legacies in the Dutch colonial orbit: past and present’.

Culture and Development Meeting in Rotterdam

3 April 2008

On the 31st of March the meeting ‘Grenzeloze nieuwsgierigheid – naar een werkelijk internationaal cultuurbeleid –’ on international cultural policy takes place in Rotterdam. The aim of this meeting is to create more awareness for Culture and Development and to increase political attention on this subject. Click here for the complete programme

The Centre for International Heritage Activities is one of the initiators of this meeting. The CIE is mainly interested in what ways cultural heritage contributes to the development of a country. Keywords in this discussion are identity, social cohesion and economical development. 

Preliminary to this meeting the CIE organized on the 5th September a ‘Diner Pensant’. This dinner was about the future of Culture & Development and in the context of the signing of the ‘Schokland agreement’ between seventeen Dutch cultural institutions and the Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation. The main theme was the position of cultural heritage in development work. Guests from all different sectors (museum, administration, development funds, science and commerce) contributed to a fruitful discussion and a successful evening. A report of this dinner.

Project Lixus in the Press
The Centre for International Heritage Activities is involved in a Dutch - Moroccan initiative concerning international knowledge exchange at Lixus, one of the major archaeological sites in Morocco. Read the whole article

2009 - News Archive

Update Maritime Cultural Heritage

27 November 2009

See the maritime cultural heritage section to read more

Launch Maritime Archaeology Development Programme South Africa

16 October 2009

The Maritime Archaeology Development Programme is officially  launched on the 16th of October 2009 in Cape Town at a function  hosted by South Africa’s Minister of Arts and Culture, Ms Lulama  Xingwana. Accompanied with a special two days youth educational  awareness programme that is designed to interest youths from  diverse backgrounds of South Africa in maritime archaeology (a.o. on Robben Island, Oct 15th & 16th). 

Heritage Day Brazil

15 October 2009

The Brazil Heritage Day took place on Wednesday October  7th at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. This was already the fifth Heritage Day organised by the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE). This time the day was organized with the cooperation of the Atlantic World and the Dutch (AWAD) and the Netherlands Institute for Heritage.

Read more

Open Lecture Historical Archaeology and the European Expansion

14 October 2009

The CIE and the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, organise an Open Lecture at the University Leiden. Dr. Bill Jeffery from the James Cook University and Maritime Heritage Coordinator at CIE shall lecture on Colonial Expansion in the Pacific and Jackie Wang, PHD candidate University Leiden, will lecture on Dutch East Indiamen around Formosa.

Date: 20 October 2009
Time: 12.00 - 14.00
Location: University Leiden, Lipsius Building, room 147

The announcement can be downloaded here

Summer Renovation and Restoration at Bagh-e Jehan Nama Palace, Afghanistan

24 September 2009

During the spring and summer the renovation of the garden walls and towers is resumed with the traditional pakhsa system. Next to this wooden peacock windows in the palace are restored and several walls and ceilings have been cleaned. The garden is freed from concrete war elements so te way is paved for a historical reconstruction of the eight terrace garden. Read more

PRESS RELEASE ‘Dutch Manhattan 1609-2009’

Celebrating the Henry Hudson Year 2009 with double Lecture Series in
Amsterdam and New York

18 September 2009

This Fall the Centre for International Heritage Activities organizes in cooperation with the Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age (University of Amsterdam) a lecture series accompanied with music in Amsterdam, Lloyd Hotel, which celebrates the fourth centenary of Hudson’s arrival in New York. With a clear focus on Dutch Manhattan in the seventeenth century, specialists from various academic and cultural fields will provide fresh insights into different aspects of the short-lived Dutch colony in the New World. Speakers are Michiel van Groesen (UvA), Jaap Jacobs (independent scholar), Janne Nijman (UvA), Martine Gosselink

(Rijksmuseum) and Frans Blom (UvA). Read more


In cooperation with: Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers & Boom Publishers.

Read more:

New York National Museum of the American Indian: Fall Lecture Series
Presents Native Viewpoint on Henry Hudson.

Invitation Heritage Day Brazil 7 October 2009

On the 7th of October the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) will organise, in
cooperation with The Netherlands Institute for Heritage (Erfgoed Nederland) and the
Atlantic World and the Dutch (AWAD), a Heritage Day Brazil.
The day will take place at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. More information on the Heritage Days can be found in the partner countries section on this site.

Outlines of the workshops

1e Data Coordination Workshop Dutch Relic Return

On the 6th of August 2009 an informal workshop is organised to share information and develop further collaboration with the Australian counterparts to develop a high quality online ANCODS collection database. The involved organizations also want to explore opportunities to establish a Netherlands-Australian online ANCODS database that includes also the other parts of the collection in the future. The main topics will be classification methods, international access, cooperation and most importantly, how to reach and prepare the physical and digital repatriation of the artefacts and content out of the database.

More information about ANCODS can be found on the following ANCODS website.

Tanzania, Netherlands to strengthen cooperation in maritime heritage management

27 July 2009

Tanzanian and The Netherlands is expected to strengthen cooperation in training and capacity building in maritime heritage management, the local media reported on Sunday. Read more

The Netherlands returns remains Badu Bonsu II to Ghana

23 July 2009

July 23rd 2009, the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Verhagen, Ghana's chargé d'affaires in The Netherlands Odoi-Anim and Ahante-tribe leader Etsin Kofi II signed the Declaration  of Transfer, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, The Netherlands. 
Dutch press release

CIE Annual Report 2008

You can download the Annual Report 2008 of CIE here.

Workshop Mutual Heritage in Galle

19 May 2009

The Secretary of Cultural Affairs and National Heritage Sri Lanka and the director of CIE wish to invite you for the Mutual heritage Workshop to be held on 12th June 2009 at 9.00 a.m. at the event hall of the Maritime Archaeology Museum in the World heritage city of Galle.

The Workshop is jointly organized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) in collaboration with the Departments and institutions which come under the Ministry. The objective of the Workshop is to share the knowledge and experience gained in implementing the Mutual heritage projects and to built up a net work of heritage professionals in both countries Sri Lanka and Netherlands to enhance further co-operation in the field of Mutual heritage.

Report Pilot Project Atlas of Dutch Brazil Part 2 published

8 May 2009

The aim of the Atlas of Dutch Brazil is to map all military defence works related to the Dutch presence in Brazil. In 2007 a short-term pilot project was set up to test the methodology (Report Pilot Project Atlas of Dutch Brazil 2007, Part 1). After completion of this pilot it become clear that more research was needed. The second part of this report has now been published. 

Since the end of the 16th century have the Dutch been searching for trading possibilities along Brazil’s coastline. Little was known about the built cultural heritage from this period. Along the northeast coast of Brazil at least 48 forts or fortifications were built by the Dutch. 

For the website of the Atlas of Dutch Brazil, click here 

For part 2 of the report, click here

MOA signed between CIE and NHTV

24 April 2009

On April 24th CIE and NHTV School of Tourism signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
The organizations are convinced that they can strengthen each other with their expertise in the field of heritage management and tourism. The MOA stems from this conviction. This formal cooperation offers both organizations the advantage of sharing a network, expertise, infrastructure and facilities.

Registration of ANCODS collection has commenced

23 April 2009

Since March 2009 CIE takes care (temporarily) over the ANCODS collection. This collection consists of a very diverse group of objects that were recovered from the shipwrecks of the Dutch East India Company off the coast from Australia. The findings that stem from those shipwrecks have been scattered among several Dutch museums for the past years. Now, the collection is brought together in order to facilitate the repatriation to Australia.The CIE works on the registration of the objects. In time, the collection will be prepared for their return to Australia.

World Digital Library online

The World Digital Library, a project initiated by the Library of Congress and Unesco, was launched on April 21st.
The online library aims to promote international and intercultural understanding and awareness. A total of 33 institutions, libraries and archives, - among which the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and the Caribbean Studies (KITLV) - have contributed to the website.
Materials such as photos, manuscripts, maps, rare books, prints and other cultural materials are accessible free of charge. On the site many documents can be found on the subject of the European expansion and colonialism, such as prints and maps of the Dutch colonies in Indonesia. 

To access the site please check:

Afghanistan ‘A program for Culture & Development’. The Bagh-e-Jahan Nama Palace complex Khulm (former Tashqurghan) 

(Update April 2009)

Winter has passed in the north of Afghanistan and spring is on her way. This means that the structural and interior work on the palace and the work on the garden can continue in full extent.In the winter, amongst others, important research has been done on the historic material of the  Bagh-e-Jahan Nama palace with very intersting new outcomes. For more information on the planned activities for the structural and interior work in the palace and the work in the garden and the results of the historic research: Read more

First Caribbean Docomomo Seminar ‘ The Impact of Caribbean Modern Architecture’

April 27th – 29th 2009

The University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) will be hosting an international seminar about modern architecture in the Caribbean region in the end of April 2009. The event, which will take place from April 27th until April 29th, is organized by the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of the Netherlands Antilles and, (documentation and conservation of the modern movement) Curacao. Various regional and international experts in the field of modern architecture will be participating.The question of ‘in what measure modernism in the region was applied to achieve social and democratic values?’ will be central in the seminar.  

The full press report and instructions on how to register

Interview with Robert Parthesius on the ANCODS project

10 April 2009

Robert Parthesius was interviewed by SBS Radio on the ANCODS project. The Dutch government will return to Australia part of the artifacts from four VOC ships that were lost before the West Australian coast. Anneke Boudewijn spoke to Robert Parthesius, Director of the Centre for International Heritage Activities.

Listen to the interview: (In Dutch)

MoU signed between SAHRA and CIE

4 April 2009

During the International Heritage Symposium on the Shared Heritage between South Africa and The Netherlands, that was held in Casteel de Goede Hoop in Cape Town on the 6th of March, a Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) was signed between the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) and the CIE. For SAHRA CEO Sibongile van Damme was present to sign the MoU, and for CIE director Robert Parthesius.

In short, the MoU stresses the importance of maritime heritage for the development of southern African and it’s inherent part in South Africa’s history. The parties have committed themselves to the development of a strategic and sustainable Underwater Cultural Heritage management programme in which capacity building, public awareness and the development of Underwater Cultural Heritage curricula are the most important aspects.

Article on presentation of Karin Lachmising in Surinam newspaper De Ware Tijd

4 April 2009

Karin Lachmising, speaker at the International Heritage Symposium on shared heritage in Cape Town, South Africa, was interviewed by De Ware Tijd, a Surinam newspaper. 
Lachmising, with contributions of South African writer Diana Ferrus, spoke in her presentation about the use of language in different groups, the place the Dutch and African languages take in a cultural diverse society and how both countries deal with shared cultural heritage. The essence of her presentation is described in the article as a ‘celebration of languages. To connect, not divide’

Read more on her presentation 'celebration of languages. To connect not divide' in the article of De Ware Tijd (In Dutch)

Afghanistan Summit in The Hague on March 31st

On March 31st there was an international summit in The Hague on the subject of the situation in Afghanistan. A total of 72 leaders of international organisations and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of several countries came together in The Hague to discuss matters on the subject of the reconstruction and safety of Afghanistan. Among them the American minister of Foreign Affairs, Hillary Clinton, and the Afghan President Hamid Karzai.The summit is held in the light of the presidential elections in Afghanistan next August; the outcome of which could have great consequences on the Afghanistan policy.

International Heritage Symposium on the Shared Heritage between South Africa and The Netherlands 

3 April 2009

On Friday the 6th of March the International Heritage Symposium on the Shared Heritage between South Africa and The Netherlands has been held in Casteel de Goede Hoop in Cape Town.At this symposium the cooperation between South African and Dutch heritage organizations was an important theme, together with an inventory of the wishes and priorities of South African heritage organisations for current and new cooperation opportunities. The symposium was organized by the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) and facilitated by CIE, with assistance of the following partners: Iziko Museums Cape Town, Department of Arts and Culture, ICOMOS-SA and ICOM-SA.

Considering that the temperature was amongst 40 degrees at the symposium, the presence of eighty participants was very encouraging. It was a fruitful day with a lot of enthusiasm in the South African heritage field for the possibility to hear so many viewpoints of South African heritage experts.

Report - Symposium on the Shared Heritage between South Africa and The Netherlands

Head of Ghanese King will be returned to Ghanese people

20 March 2009

Minister Plasterk has announced that the head of king Badu Bonsu II will be returned to Ghana. Dutch traders killed the king in 1838 as retribution for his killing of two Dutch envoys. His head was taken back to the Netherlands where the University of Leiden has kept it in storage for the past 170 years. It was long forgotten when writer Arthur Japin found and identified the head four years ago when he was doing research for his new book. Last year he raised the issue and advocated it’s return. In October 2008 Ghana requested the return of the head for it to be buried. The government has now agreed and has been in contact with the Ghanese embassy. It is unclear when the transfer of the head will take place.

City Archives Cologne seek practical help with rescue operation

17 March 2009

On March 3rd the building of the Historical City Archives in Cologne, Germany, collapsed due to work being done on the subway.
The City Archives in Cologne is one of the largest Archives in the north of Europe and has thousands of historical maps, charters, photo’s and other documents in its possession. Historians feared these documents would be lost in the ruins of the building and a rescue operation was set up. Slowly documents are being rescued from under the rubble, but more help is needed. The City Archives call on academic volunteers to help. Especially paper restorers and people with archive-experience are needed.

For more information and to sign up as volunteer please check, the website of the ANCBS, the new coordination center of Blue Shield in The Hague in the Netherlands from where the help is coordinated.

New Dutch website on World War II launched

16 March 2009

The website has been launched by the Dutch Nationaal Comite 4 en 5 mei (National Committee of 4 and 5 May) and is a cooperation of several Dutch institutes that are specialized in World War II. The site offers reliable information for people interested in different aspects of the war. It also offers information of the flight of Dutch people to others countries, such as Australia, and the role of Asia, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles during and after the war.

Please check and

Most of the information on the website is only available in Dutch.

Huib van Everdingen new chairman of the board of trustees

2 March 2009

On February 17th Huib van Everdingen was appointed as the new chairman of CIE’s board of trustees. Huib is a senior partner at the International Law Office NautaDutilh in Amsterdam. He has a special interest in historical monuments.

Iraq’s National Museum reopens

On Monday February 23rd, Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki reopened the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad. The Museum was closed in 2003 after it was looted in the chaos of the invasion led by the US to overthrow Saddam Hussein. About 15,000 artefacts were then stolen. Only a quarter of this amount has been recovered so far and is now on display in the museum. Even though not all galleries in the museum are open to the public yet, the reopening of the museum is an important milestone in the Iraq’s road back to normality.

International Heritage Symposium, Cape Town, South Africa

On Friday the 6th of March the South African Heritage Resource Agency's (SAHRA), Western Cape Office and Underwater Cultural Heritage Unit, in cooperation with the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE), IZIKO and DAC, will organise an International Symposium on Heritage at Casteel de Goede Hoop, Cape Town.

The central theme of this symposium is the common heritage of South Africa and The Netherlands.

With a programme of lectures, workshops and project presentations we would like to give insight into the current diversity, priorities, oppertunities and challenges and therewith explore and encourage future exchange.

Invitation International Heritage Symposium
Guidelines Poster presentation
Programme International Heritage Symposium

The Maritime Cultural Heritage Management Programme  in Tanzania (MCHM programme) has commenced 

12 February 2009

In August 2008 the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) was requested by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Tanzania to prepare an out- line of a possible capacity building programme to assist the Tanzanian authorities to develop in the field of Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage Management.

This request was made after discussions between the EKN and various heritage stakeholders about the possibility of Dutch assist in the endeavour to build capacity in the field of Underwater Cultural Heritage Management; and more specific to cooperate in the ‘Integrated Approach to the Protection and Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage of the Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara, Endangered World Heritage sites’-programme. For this programme a maritime heritage component has been formulated for the the Kilwa Kisiwani programme.

From 28 October 2008 till 3 November 2008 an identification mission was undertaken to Tanzania by Dr. Robert Parthesius, Director of the CIE. This mission was a follow-up on the discussion paper /concept proposal submitted at the end of September 2008 to the authorities in Tanzania, and to UNESCO.

The first phase of the programme has commenced in February. During this four-month preparation phase the formal maritime archaeological programme will be finalized and the experiences of the identification phase will be taken into account. The preparation phase will also be used to formalize the political commitment and to set up the infrastructure needed for the programme. It will give means to identify the possible candidates for the training and introduce use and possibilities of a Maritime Archaeological Database. A first Nautical Archaeological Society (NAS) certificated training will also take place in this phase. 

Start New York 400 

30 January 2009

Yesterday was the official start of the celebrations of 400 years of friendship between the Netherlands and the United States. The year will be celebrated with all kinds of commemorative activities in New York and Amsterdam. A heritage programme, set up between Dutch and American partners is a natural and necessary contribution to this year. The CIE and the Dutch National Archives took the initiative to formulate a heritage programme, which is focused on the special historical and cultural relationship between the USA and the Netherlands. 

For more information:

The Netherlands donates maritime collection to Australia

22 January 2009

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science disposed in 2006 the repatriation of a group of objects currenlty housed at the Scheepvaart Museum and at the Geld Museum. During a meeting in May 2006, Minister van der Hoeven verbally assured objects would return to Australia. The Centre for International Heritage Activities is the coordinating entity in the repatriation process of the ANCODS collection. In the press release you can find more information about the background of the project. Read more


















































2010 - News Archive

CIE - UNESCO Capacity Building Underwater Cultural Heritage

The CIE has implemented several training, capacity building programs appropriate for a number of countries, and taking into consideration the requirements of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. In 2010 the Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage (MUCH) Activities have taken place in South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique und Micronesia. For 2011 more courses are scheduled.


Dr. Norbert Kayombo passed away

At the conclusion of the succesful expedition to Kilway Island, the team received the upsetting news that Director General of the National Museum Dr. Norbert Kayombo suddenly passed away on Tuesday 2 December. Dr. Norbert Kayambo was one of the initiators of the Maritime Underwater Cultural Heritage (MUCH) programme in Tanzania. 

Dr. Norbert Kayombo was a member of several professional associations and committees. This included the International Council of Museums, the International
Council of African Museums, the Network for Tropical Aquaculture Scientists and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania. He had a leading role Tanzania's
interest and discussion of the ratification of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001.  Our thoughts are with his wife
and children.

NEWS Tanzania: Kilwa starts in November 2010

In November 2010, a further part of the capacity building programme will be implemented at Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara World Heritage Site. This project will also be undertaken as a preliminary assessment of the maritime and underwater cultural heritage sites in preparation for the AWHF project that may start later in 2011 if funds are awarded.

NEWS Australia 9th November 2010, Sydney: Netherlands gives important maritime collection to Australia.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell today accepted an extensive consignment of artefacts recovered from four Dutch shipwrecks found off the West Australian coast.
Until now the collections from the Batavia (sunk in 1629), the Vergulde Draeck (1656), the Zuytdorp (1712) and the Zeewijk (1727) had been located in Australia and the Netherlands under the Agreement between the Netherlands and Australia Concerning Old Dutch Shipwrecks (ANCODS).
Artefacts recovered from these ships include silver coins, bricks, lead ingots, canon balls, amber and pitch, as well as rare objects owned by crew and passengers such as navigational instruments and ornaments.
The decision to transfer the objects was formalised on 15 September 2010, when Australia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Lydia Morton, and the Netherlands Secretary for Culture, Judith van Kranendonk, signed an agreement aboard a replica of the Batavia in Lelystad in the Netherlands.
Today, his Excellency Mr Willem Andreae, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presented the artefacts to Senator Farrell at a ceremony held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

Read more on the website of the Dutch Embassy in Australia..

NEWS Russia Heritage Day October 19, 2010 Saint Petersburg

Read more on the Russia Heritage Day in Russian...

CIE TRAVELLING EXHIBITION 'ANOTHER AFGHAN STORY' opened in The Hague at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

11 October 2010

The CIE coordinates a Programma For Culture and Development in Afghanistan since 2006. A travelling exhibition is put together to create more awareness on this programme. The exhibition started in Munich and will travel in the Netherlands.  Read more..

Photographer: Rolf Kruger

15th September - 27th October CIE and Nieuw Land presents Exhibition in Lelystad, The Netherlands

The Australian-Netherlands VOC collection makes its final voyage.

As part of the ANCODS project the CIE has developed a small exhibition in the Nieuwland Erfgoed Centrum in Lelystad. This exhibition is the final step the ANCODS collection takes before being reunited with its Australian Counterpart in November. Together with the opening on the 15th of September a mutual agreement has been signed by the Australian and the Dutch government.

This exhibition covers the wrecking of four VOC ships at the coast of Australia and the reunification of the ANCODS collection later this year. This initiative has been taken to give the Dutch people the chance to see the ANCODS collection for the last time.

The exhibition will be opened until the 27th of October, just a few days before it will be shipped to Australia.  For more information you can visit the websiteofNieuwland Erfgoed Centrum at

Read more on the Programme the ANCODS Collection...

Latest News: 01-09-2010

Visit the new website of National Museum of Afghanistan Kabul:

Lecture Anne Feenstra at ARCAM

17 August 2010

Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam

Our representative in Afghanistan, Anne Feenstrawil give a lecture at the Amsterdam Architecture Centre. He will discuss the norms for sustainable architecture. Are architects forgetting for whom they are building? Can architecture be more than an artistically expression and maybe even be a force for social development? During his lecture the idea, concept and implementation of the 'waitinghouses' for mothers of UNICEF and the Afghan Ministry of Health will be spoken about.

More information at

ANCODS collection: 'Treasures of the deep to return'

6 May 2010

This article on the ANCODS collection appeard in the West Australian newspaper on May 1st:

They sailed south from Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, then east, running hard on the trade winds that drove them towards WA. Then they would turn and head north on their quest for spices to trade from what is now Indonesia. But sometimes they didn’t make it. Sometimes, sailing as they were without the aid of modern navigational instruments, they wereblown too far to the east and were ripped apart by the reefs and pounded by the swell which smashes
into our rugged coast. Read more

Annual Report 2009

3 May 2010

Press release Mondriaan Foundation: 

NAƒ 2,675,982 for culture in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba in 2009

29 April 2010

In 2009, Dutch cultural funds spent NAf 2,675,982 (€ 1,318,218) on cultural projects in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Of this figure, NAf 1,050,023 (€ 517,253) was spent in the context of KulturA, the joint fund for the reinforcement of the cultural infrastructure and the promotion of (international) exchange in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

Read more

Workshop Management Approaches at Earthen Heritage Sites - Culture and Development

26 April 2010

When: Tuesday 25th of May 2010, from 15-17h
Where: The Events Room of the National Museum of Ethnology (Steenstraat 1, Leiden).

This workshop discusses the theory and daily practices of heritage management projects that deal with earthen archaeology and architecture in contexts of poverty and post-conflict. The workshop will discuss and compare the vision, objectives, results and challenges of three such projects, focusing in particular on the balance between community development and heritage conservation. The projects under discussion are The Bagh-e Jehan Nama Palace complex in Afghanistan (presented by Hanna Leijen, Centre for International Heritage Activities) , The Ancient Merv Project in Turkmenistan (presented by Tim Williams, University College London), and The Djenné restoration project in Mali (presented by Annette Schmidt, National Museum of Ethnology). The workshop will be moderated by Sjoerd van der Linde, Faculty of Archaeology (Leiden University).

The workshop is open to all public: if you wish to attend, please contact Fleur Cools at info @

The workshop Management Approaches at Earthen Heritage Sites is jointly organised by the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University, the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) and the National Museum of Ethnology (Museum Volkenkunde).

Heritage Day Russia 

30 March 2010 

How does exchange of knowledge in the field of cultural heritage take place between the Netherlands and the Russian Federation? How can the Netherlands contribute to the dealing with and understanding of heritage in Russia?  And reversed, how and what can we learn from Russia in the field of heritage? The concept of reciprocity recurred many times during the Heritage Day Russia, which was held on March 19 2010 in the Doelenzaal at the Library of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This was the sixth Heritage Day organised by the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE). Read more

Underwater cultural heritage program South Africa

8 February 2010 

The Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) is assisting the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) to coordinate and implement a training program on some of the requirements for implementing an underwater cultural heritage program. The program will take place on Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa from 17 February to 12 March 2010. 
Read more

Update Maritime Cultural Heritage

See the maritime cultural heritage section to read more.

2011 - News Archive

CIE contributes to new handbook for cultural emergency relief

7 September 2011

Yesterday the launch of the book: 'Cultural Emergency in Conflict and Disaster'  from the Prince Claus Fund took place. The publication tackles the issue of safeguarding cutural heritage that are at risk by human or natural disasters. It gives world-wide examples from the field, from initatives againstthedestructions and looting of cultural heritage by means of political statements, from reconstruction initiatives undertaken after naturel disasters like the Tsunami of 2004. The latter subject has been a contribution from CIE Director Robert Parthesius and Mr. HDS Hettipathirana in the article: "UnderwaterArchaeology in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami"

The publication is launched in the framework of the Prince Clause Fund’s Cultural Emergency Response (CER) programme, and will be available from September 7. The CER can also be found on the Cultural Heritage Connections platform.

Read more on the CER website...

Cultural Heritage Connections on the website of National Archives

31 August 2011

We have the pleasure to inform that CIE is admitted into official relations with UNESCO.

24 August 2011

This is in accordance with the directives concerning UNESCO's relations with foundations and similar institutions, adopted by the General Conference.

New CIE project

22 August 2011

This fall CIE will cooperate with Pitija Consulting to evaluate the Sector Cultural Heritage under the EEA/Norway Grants 2004-09.

Read more in the country section of the CIE website.

NEWS: Documentary HET NIEUWE GEZICHT VAN WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO - KARA NOBO DI KORSOW will be shown this Saturday, August 6, 2011 on Dutch Television 16.05 on NEDERLAND 2.

The movie is about the multicultural society of Curucao and its architecture.

Youtube trailer..

Competition for NIAS Fellowships 2012/13 deadline 15 august 2011: one of the topics is Cultural Heritage; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: scroll; -webkit-background-clip: initial; -webkit-background-origin: initial; background-color: transparent; background-position: 0% 0%; "> 

The competition for regular NIAS Fellowships in 2012/13 is open now. NIAS Fellows are selected from prominent researchers and senior scholars in the humanities and social sciences who have already made a contribution to their field. At least 3 years of post-Ph.D. degree academic experience is a prerequisite for eligibility.

Preference is given to
- applicants who propose an interdisciplinary project
- applicants with a project that is closely related to an already externally funded project.

In the years 2012/13/14 NIAS especially welcomes projects that are related to the following topics:
- Cultural Heritage and Computational Humanities
- Brain and Cognition
- Global Society and Identity.

For more information, procedures and application forms, click here.

Report CIE event 21 June launch of the cultural heritage connections platform

Report (opens in a new window as pdf)

Find, share and connect with international heritage experts, projects and organisations:

Get connected with other heritage experts on the linkedingroup cultural heritage connections 

CIE receives collaboration accreditation from UNESCO’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Body of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage

11 July 2011

      Tanzania UNESCO meeting

Image 1. 'Part of the MUCH Africa Regional Group whom CIE collbaborates with on the issues associated with the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001'

Image 2. 'Participants of the MUCH Africa Regional Group attending an UNESCO meeting on the Convention in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania'

The Bureau of the Meeting of States Parties to the 2001 Convention, in reference to Resolution 9 / MSP 3, decided to temporarily accredit the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) for consultation and collaboration with the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

The Advisory Body is a consultative organ. There responsibilities are, among others:  

- assists the Meeting of States Parties in questions of a scientific or technical nature regarding the implementation of the ‘Rules concerning activities directed at underwater cultural heritage’ (the Annex of the Convention); 

- may be consulted for the elaboration, in  consultation with the Bureau of the Meeting of States Parties, of draft Operational Guidelines directly related to the Rules;

- gives guidance in questions directly related to Rules in the framework of the practical application of the State cooperation mechanism contained in the Convention (Articles 8 to 13);

- proposes to the Meeting of States Parties standards of and means to promote best practice in underwater cultural heritage sites protection and materials conservation.

In particular, at the third session of the Meeting of States Parties (April 2011 at UNESCO Headquarters), the Advisory Body has been requested to prepare draft guidelines for the establishment of national inventories in order to ensure the interchange ability of national databases on the long term

In order to accomplish these very comprehensive tasks the Advisory Body strongly relies on the consultation and collaboration with the accredited NGOs. 

Read more on the convention 

Read more on the MUCH activities of CIE 

Mutual Cultural Heritage news: new publication 'Gids historische stadswandelingen, Emile Leushuis' KIT Publishers

Go to the cultural heritage connections platform

CIE event June 2011 on international heritage cooperation great success

June 21 2011

On June 21st over hundred international and national heritage experts participated in the international heritage cooperation event organised by theCIE-Centre for International Heritage Activities, the University Leiden and Museum Volkenkunde. The highlight of the day was the launch of Cultural Heritage Connections, the online platform on mutual cultural heritage. The platform has been developed within the framework of the Netherlands Mutual Cultural Heritage (MCH) Policy by the CIE to benefit the heritage field.

representative of the Embassy of Ghana    Ida de Kat (BZ), Sander Bersee (OCW) and Prof. Willem Willems    Saskia Steurs (CIE) explains Cultural Heritage  Sibongile van Damme (SAHRA) and Fleur Cools (CIE)      

The Netherlands’ expansion and subsequent colonial rule left many traces behind: forts, churches, waterworks, sunken ships and even whole cities. The tangible and intangible cultural heritage resulting from the expansion and colonization process is collectively referred to as ‘Mutual Cultural Heritage’.

Mutual cultural heritage has become one of the focal points within the International Cultural Policy of the Netherlands Government. Within this policy heritage relationships with eight countries were formalized: Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, Surinam, Sri Lanka and South Africa. However, mutual cultural heritage exist in many more countries.

Mr. Sander Bersee, Director Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Mrs. Ida de Kat, Coordinator Culture, Sport and Development at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands have officially launched the online platform Cultural Heritage Connections. Look at the Cultural Heritage Connections video 

Representatives of international heritage organisations, museums, universities and national agencies discussed the strategies in, reciprocity of and inspiration for international cooperation on cultural heritage. Under the chairmanship of Dr. Steven Engelsman, Director of Museum Volkenkunde, a panel of respected international and national heritage experts discussed if, or why, colonial heritage can be a common ground for international cooperation. Special guests to the discussions were Mrs. Sibongile van Damme, CEO of the South African Heritage Resources Agency, Mrs. Catrini Pratihari Kubontubuh, Executive Director of BPPI / Indonesian Heritage Trust, Dr. Wayne Modest, Head of Museum Affairs TropenmuseumRoelof HolProgramme Director Mutual Cultural Heritage of the National Archives, Mr. Willem Willems Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology of the University Leiden.

Since 2007 the CIE has conducted, with financial support of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, Culture and Science, a large-scale inventory and analysis of the mutual cultural heritage cooperation. Cultural Heritage Connections was set up in close contact with experts and organizations related to this heritage field.

Cultural Heritage Connections can be consulted from anywhere in the world, by every involved heritage expert. A platform made by the people who work in the field of heritage, for the people who work in the same area, will, consequently, result in a dynamic, multilateral and devoted community that can benefit the mutual heritage of all countries.

An important element of the inventory and analysis was the organisation of Heritage Days per partner country in close collaboration with counterpart organisations. Professionals with various expertises within the field of mutual cultural heritage were invited to discuss the current visions and experiences on the cooperation on mutual cultural heritage. The conclusions of these days can be consulted in the Resource Centre on Mutual Cultural Heritage Cooperation on the website of theCIE.

Join Cultural Heritage Connections at

Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) Inaugural Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage in Manila, Philippines from 8-12 November 2011


Bill Jeffery and Robert Parthesius from CIE, in collaboration with Peggy Wong from Hong Kong are organising a session at this conference which will explore 'Empowerment and relevance in maritime and underwater cultural heritage programs in developing countries' The conference includes seven other sessions.

Sub-Regional Meeting on the 2001 Convention for the protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Dar es Salaam, from 28 to 29 April 2011

Within the framework of UNESCO's Culture Programme for 2011, The UNESCO office in Dar es Salaam is organizing a sub regional meeting on the ratification an implementation of the 2001 Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Dar es Salaam, from 28 to 29 April 2011. The meeting is being organized in close collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania, Department of Antiquities and the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE). It aims at fostering policy level and technical exchange on lessons learned during the last year in the various countries and pilot projects of the region.
The meeting will bring together participants from Tanzania, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, as well as South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, and Uganda.


More on the MUCH theme...


20 April 2011

Press release: Passing of Beverley Crouts-Knipe

For the full press release click here....

CIE Annual Report 2010 Online

Go to CIE press centre...

The Australian Dutch Heritage Cooperation Project

24 February 2011

Stakeholder lunch at the Western Australian Museum in Geraldton on Thursday the 24th of February 2011

Related events: Urban Heritage Strategies course at IHS; deadline postponed to 28 March 2011

Heritage plays an important role in a city; it reflects an image of the city, reveals stories about its past and gives character. The course will investigate heritage as an asset to inner city development and discusses international case studies from countries with historical mutual ties.

Target Group

The course is directed towards heritage professionals, working in the nine countries involved in the policy framework on mutual heritage: Suriname, Brazil, Russia, Ghana, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia and The Netherlands. Per country a maximum of three places are available, preferably from different organizations, related to the same case. Participants are requested to prepare their own case and to formulate their own course targets.

Urban Heritage Strategies
Heritage as an asset for inner city development
June 13- July 1 2011
N.A. (fully funded)
Application Deadline
March 28, 2011
The programme is offered in collaboration with the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

There are still a few fellowships from the Dutch government available to participate in this course. Please ensure that the application has to be submitted with IHS before 28 March 2011 through

Please go our website for more information..